Fit Band Review

In a time when people are more health conscious than ever before, tracking the progress of your health journey is a vital aspect of that. Today technology allows us to track and monitor our health in easier and more accessible ways. Fitbands are the latest piece of fit tech designed to help individuals achieve their goals and optimise health. These fancy bands track the various key areas of your health including, calorie intake, distance travelled, sleep patterns and heart rate . With the growing popularity in Fit Bands we’ll look at the features of the best brands as you’re probably wondering if there is even any benefit to using these ‘Suped’ up wrist bands. Well that all depends on you as an individual and the type of tracker you buy.

The main reason fitness trackers are  so beneficial is because it shows real live results giving you the ability to monitor every aspect of your progress. In most cases the information provided by the bands encourages wearers to work harder toward achieving their goals, as they strive to improve on their stats. Recent studies have shown that people who use fit bands spend less time being idle, more time being active and end up losing more weight in the long run than those who don’t. Fitbands also act as a reality check for people who struggle to see any improvement as they can assist you in working out what’s going wrong in your attempt to maximise your health. A great example is the common mistake of not balancing the calories you burn from exercising with your daily calorie intake. The bands can give you an accurate reading of how many calories you have burned so you don’t overeat and negate all of the hard work you’ve been putting in.

Some general benefits of having a fit band are – 

  • Maintain and improve our fitness goals
  • Visibility of activity levels
  • Track Sleep Cycles & Patterns
  • Lightweight and hardly noticeable
  • Smart with various connectivity options
  • Power Efficient Long Battery Life
  • Social Media sharing features to post stats and progress
  • Local Fitband links promote workout groups and challenges
  • Various Related Apps

We’ve chosen three of what we believe are the top fit bands in their varying price ranges to review for you. Quality fit band trackers are mostly priced anywhere between £80-£200 which can be a little steep for some however what price can be put on the positive motivational affects it could potentially have. In order to take full advantage of the bands it’s important to invest in one best suited to the current stage of your health journey.

Starting at the high end of the fit band revolution we have the Microsoft Band 2. For the price you’d be expecting this band to come jam packed with every feature under the sun and you would be right. Microsoft are renowned for their innovative tech and their second fit band has some extra features that are hard to find in most models. As standard you are able to track your sleep, calories burned, and heart rate like other trackers. In addition it also gives you access to email, texts, phone calls, calendar alerts plus many more features. The Microsoft Band 2 is basically a ‘Smart’ band and also gives you the ability to pair with your phone or stereo, to control your music directly from your band, which is a pretty cool feature. This is incredibly well-made product that lives up to expectations with only maybe the higher tier price the slight drawback. 8/10

Microsoft Xeon Fitness Activity Tracker

When you think of fitness tracker bands, you probably instantly think of Fitbit. These great looking bands come in a variety of fun colours and can match any look your sporting. The standard FitBit Charge model  can track your heart rate and sleep patterns in addition to your activity and you can even see your phones caller ID. It has a simple setup and an excellent battery life. The Charge is not an all in one hardcore tracker like Microsofts model and it is made specifically for the average person looking to get control of their health. 9/10

Natural Verve Amazon Fitbit 5

The Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker is another great option in the fitness tracker range. This tracker is designed to be worn all day long and caters for every part of your day. It can monitor your sleep, track your activity, and it can track your heart rate so that you can get a accurate readings on how many calories you have burned. You can set it to receive notifications for texts, emails, social media alerts, and your phone calls. It can pair with your smartphone for added features including linking your Garmin App to the popular My Fitness Pal App for added support on your weight loss journey. The Garmin is a high quality and sturdy tracker that can take a lot of hits without getting damaged as you take it on your battle against fat! 8/10

Natural Verve Amazon Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker

The best Fitness Trackers are a success because of the quality of the design, the various amazing tech features and most importantly their motivational qualities. We all know we should exercise more, sleep better and eat healthier but normally it can be tough mentally to break routine and make that change. Fit Bands can keep your general health at the forefront of your mind so you are always up to speed with your progression or digression in some cases. They are great handy buddy if you are a seasoned pro or just kick starting your fitness journey.

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