Beginning Essential Fitness

There is so much information available on the benefits of physical exercise that everyone needs to get involved regardless of age, ability and state of health. It is important to share more information on appropriate and safe exercises to achieve a state of fitness.

It is always important to check with your doctor or a physical therapist before starting any physical exercise routine. Here are a few aerobic exercises that are fairly safe even if you have a chronic disease:

  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Resistance training and aerobics

There are health conditions that could put you at risk if you engage in inappropriate exercises. Some of those health conditions are:

  1. Cardiovascular diseases: avoid hiking, rowing and contact sports.
  2. Hyperactive Thyroid: strenuous exercises are not recommended.
  3. Severe obesity: running, jumping, and aerobic exercises are not practical.
  4. Severe joint and muscle injuries or conditions: jumping, staircase run and aerobic are potentially damaging.

If you are relatively healthy but wish to keep fit, engaging in regular (weekly) sporting activities such as swimming, tennis, volleyball and squash are good choices.


Tips for attaining and maintaining Fitness

  • To sustain a fitness program it is important to select physical activities or sporting activities that you enjoy.
  • Consult with a trainer or physical therapist who will first assess the health of your joints and recommend an exercise prescription to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • Use a stepwise approach and start small with incremental repetition, intensity and duration.
  • Make an effort to walk and be more active around the house, in the garden/park and at work. Park and walk to get in more steps for the day.
  • Use the staircase when there is an option but if you are having issues with your knees then just simply walk on the level and explore doing water exercise.
  • Investing in comfortable footwear for support will encourage you to walk and exercise more. Exercise clothing is also designed for more comfort
  • Supplements which are fat burners and energy boosters are helpful

The goal should be to achieve a normal Body Mass Index BMI. This is your weight in pounds divided by your height in feet and inches. There are charts which you can check to access how overweight you are.

Health, wellness and fitness can be achieved over time. It is best to make small changes rather than trying to do too many adjustments all at once. Our website provides tips on healthy eating, supplements and exercise aids to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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