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Healthy Nutrition

There is so much information on nutrition that it takes an expert to unravel the claims being made about what is best for us. Some of the question beings asked include:

  1. Why do some all natural labels still include preservatives?
  2. Can we trust what is listed on food labels?
  3. What are the real benefits of raw foods?
  4. What are superfoods?
  5. Why do I need to understand food combinations?
  6. Which fruits complement each other?
  7. What is cellular nutrition?

We promote the use of natural ingredients which deliver maximum nutritional value. Most people know that they need to eat healthy. They however need clarity on the nutritional values of foods that will provide the calories needed daily for energy and to ward off illnesses. In addition to this we promote eating a balanced diet by selecting from the major food groups. This variety of foods are selected from animal and plant proteins, carbohydrates , oils & fats, legumes, seeds & nuts, micronutrients such as minerals and probiotics.


Nutritional Tips

  • Berries (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry), pomegranates, guava, lychee, papaya and kiwis are super fruits. Include 3-5 servings daily to have the requirements of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Include the good carbs (sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, legumes, whole grains) which have a low glycemic index. These complex carbs are essential fuel for energy and better for blood glucose control.
  • Increase daily fluids by drinking 6-8 glasses of water, flavoured water and juices with no added sugar.
  • Reduce salt in the preparation of meals. Select low food with low salt content. Remove the table salt from the table.
  • Eat lean meats.
  • Avoid fried and deep fried foods. Opt for steamed, grilled and baked foods as these are healthier options.
  • Eliminate foods with trans-fats from your diet.
  • Read food labels and note the sodium, sugar and fat contents.

If you are overweight, start by reducing your calories by managing the portions of and foods you eat instead of depriving yourself. Start with using one less teaspoon of sugar in tea or coffee. Eat three meals a day and have fruits and vegetables as in between snacks. Overcome sugar cravings by substituting baked products with fruits (fresh and sun dried).

Eating nutritious well balanced meals daily have the following benefits:

  • It releases more energy and stamina throughout the day.
  • Mental focus and alertness is sustained for work and study.
  • The common cold and flu occur less frequently as the immune system is able to fight infections.
  • Healthy nutrition is key to reduce the risk of many of chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, kidney failure and some cancers.
  • Weight management and weight loss are supported by healthy nutrition.
  • Balance nutrition is a natural aphrodisiac. It boosts virility and sexual performance.
  • The fibre from fruits and vegetables helps to gently detox the body and controls cholesterol levels.

Natural verve is committed to your optimal health mind, body and heart. Our products and services cater to your complete health. We select foods and fruits of high quality from the farm to your tables. Also check out our articles and information on nutrition which will help you to be an informed and discerning consumer.

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